We offer fresh honey, pollen, propolis and bees wax.  We also offer artisan lip balms and soaps.  Click here to see our products.


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We love to share our knowledge!  Are you part of a group that would like to know more about beekeeping, its history and its future?  Are you interested in hosting a beekeeping class?  Click here to request more information.

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Diversifying a Traditional Profession

Honey Storage Tips

Store honey at room temperature.  On the kitchen counter or in the pantry are ideal spots.  Storing honey in the refrigerator will accelerate the crystallization process.  Crystallization is not an indicator of spoilage, impurity or age.  It simply means the sugar crystals in the honey have aligned to form a more solid mass.  To return honey to liquid form, place honey container in warm water and let sit until honey is reliquefied.  

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Pollination Facts

More than half of the world's diet of fats and oils comes from animal-pollinated plants. (palm, canola, sunflower, etc)

​More than 150 food crops in the US depend on pollinators, including almost all fruit and grain crops.



Bee Sales

Rocking Bee Farms

Selling honey, bees and products of the hive

Bee Removals

We offer multiple options to property owners for honey bee removals and can get them out of just about any structure.  Click here to request more information.

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